Car Stolen with Toddler Inside

Child Returned but Car Still Missing


HOLLY HILL, Fla. - A car was stolen in Holly Hill this morning with a 2 year-old child inside, according to police. For almost 30 frightening minutes the child was missing along with the car, until the toddler was located nearby, having presumably been let out by the perpetrator.

The child's parents are said to have left their car running while they quickly went into a relative's home in Holly Hill, with the child waiting for their return. At this point the suspect got into the car and drove it away with the toddler still inside.

A good samaritan found the child and called 911. He helped reunite the boy with his parents, who were relieved to have him back.

As of now, the suspect is still missing in a red Volkswagen Tiguan with the tag AJ7-9FA. Those with information that may help in the search are asked to contact Holly Hill Police Sergeant Tom Bentley at (386) 248-9478.