Chief Jakari Young Rips Councilman Danny Robins at Tuesday Meeting


Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young issued a biting critique of Volusia County Councilman Danny Robins during Tuesday morning's County Council meeting, over comments Robins made about public safety in Daytona Beach. Young used several direct and harsh words for Robins, including 'disparaging', 'false', 'disgraceful', 'shameful', and 'embarrassing'.

Robins, a southeast Volusia resident, alleged at the May 21st meeting that the state of crime and homelessness have prompted him to monitor his police scanner when he takes his family to the city. His comments carried weight due to his past profession as an officer within the Daytona Beach Police Department. Young singled that out as just one reason why he objected to Robins' concerns.

“For any elected official who wore this uniform and is collecting a pension from the City of Daytona Beach to take that opportunity to drag the city through the mud for political gain is disgraceful and a direct insult to the men and women that accept the challenge of serving this extremely busy city and rapidly growing city on a daily basis," Young said at one point, making it clear he was referring to Robins.

"I find it comical that this elected official’s only real claim to fame is his service in the City of Daytona Beach, and now he sits on this dais and pretends to be the resident expert on all things public safety and law enforcement-related," Young continued. 

When Young stepped down from the podium, he received an applause loud enough to be audible on the county's live stream of the meeting. His comments were not simply limited to questioning Robins' judgment, however; he also argued with the factual basis that Daytona is especially unsafe. He described the city's homeless problem as being in line with the greater national issue, and as something which law enforcement cannot simply solve by making arrests.

Furthermore, Young took exception to a claim by Robins that the city lacks special events and that such an absence is contributing to economic decline. He said his officers work special events from January to August. He also went on to claim that the department is well-staffed for a profession which can sometimes struggle to fill jobs, citing eight vacancies out of 244 positions.

"I’m extremely proud of the hardworking men and women of the Daytona Beach Police Department that are out there on a daily basis, doing their part to make Daytona Beach a safer place to live, work, and play," Young said. Robins said on the dais listening to Young's comments rather stoically. "So for any city official to feel uncomfortable driving through the City of Daytona Beach without their police scanner, I would say you can do us all a favor and stay out of the city limits of Daytona Beach if that’s gonna be your attitude. Your comments were shameful and embarrassing, and you should be grateful that I only have three minutes.”