Chiumento Law Launches CARES Fund for Student Homelessness


PALM COAST, Fla. - Chiumento Law, one of the most prominent law firms serving Flagler County, announced on Thursday the launch of its new CARES Fund to address student homelessness. The creation of the fund coincides with Chiumento Law's 50th year in operation.

Standing for Community Assistance Relief Ending Student Homelessness, the CARES Fund is described by Chiumento Law as "filling the gap left by federal funding from the McKinney-Vento Act". Passed in 1987, the bill was created to fund homeless shelters with an emphasis on the elderly, handicapped, and children. Despite the provisions established by this law, student homelessness remains an issue in the United States.

Flagler Schools in particular has over 240 homeless students according to a figure quoted in the law firm's release. The Flagler Education Foundation partnered with Chiumento Law for the implementation and distribution of the funds, as has Superintendent LaShakia Moore. The organizers hope Flagler families with students experiencing residential insecurity can tap into the funds to help find a permanent living situation.

"We are thrilled that the Chiumento Law team is collaborating with the Flagler County Education Foundation to create a brighter future for our F.I.T. families," said Superintendent Moore. "These families are facing challenging times, and together, we can work to enhance their educational experiences and establish a strong foundation at home as well."

As Chiumento Law reaches its golden jubilee, leadership homes that initiatives like the CARES Fund will represent its legacy as a member of the community. "Chiumento Law is dedicated to the community, not just for the past 50 years, but for many more," added Michael Chiumento III, the firm's managing partner. "We are committed to making a lasting impact on the future of Flagler County."

More information on Flagler County's Families in Transition portal is available here, while donations are being accepted through the Flagler Education Foundation on their official website (select 'Families in Transition').