Daytona Beach Shores

Daytona Beach Shores Officer Who Jailed Toddler Placed on Leave


DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, Fla. - The Daytona Beach Shores lieutenant who's accused of jailing his three year-old son over potty issues has been placed on administrative leave, according to a new report from The Daytona Beach News-Journal. Lieutenant Michael Schoenbrod is said to have taken the child into a jail cell because he was having issues going to the bathroom, making him cry and promise not to have the issues again.

Schoenbrod, along with Sergreant Jessica Long (his domestic partner), are both being investigated internally and externally for their actions, which have been widely criticized by their community. Schoenbrod will continue to receive pay while he is on leave. He admitted to a caseworker with the Florida Department of Children and Families that he had taken the toddler in on back-to-back days in October.

According to a memo outlining the terms of Schoenbrod's leave, multiple policies were invoked stating Daytona Beach Shores public safety officers will not commit potential felonies, nor shall they tamper with or alter public record materials.

Prior to this, Schoenbrod has faced two other comparable investigations in the last 10 months. He is, for reasons which have eluded many members of the community in the weeks since journalist Mark Harper's report dropped, still employed by the city of Daytona Beach Shores.