VIDEO: Daytona Man Threatens To Shoot Up School, Workplace In Video

The two videos made by Welborn
YouTube/News Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, FL - Someone is accused of making videos threatening to shoot up a school and their job. And no, he’s not a student, he’s not even a minor.

In fact, the man in question is 36-year-old Tron Welborn, who is now facing a charge of written threats to kill.

The Port Orange Police Department was made aware of videos of someone threatening a school shooting in “Spruce Creek,” which is the name of two schools in the Port Orange area. The Daytona Beach Police Department became involved because Welborn lives in the area, and because he made threats against his place of work, the Trader Joe’s distribution center.

News Daytona Beach found one of Welborn’s videos posted to YouTube under the account “Dimension7new1.” In a video posted on Sunday (Jan. 23), Welborn made a threat to shoot up Spruce Creek because police were supposedly coming to his home.

“Knock on my door one more time with the police and see what happens to you all. I will shoot up the schools, facts,” said Welborn. “I will go to Spruce Creek myself, and shoot up that whole school myself, facts.”

A woman can be heard in the background, saying “honey” as if she were trying to stop Welborn from making the threats. The video only lasts 23 seconds. Another 29 second video was uploaded that day of Welborn making threats towards his workplace.

“When I shoot up the places at work, and people get shot up, it’s going to be your fault,” said Welborn. “I’m coming shoot up the place, it’s going to be a matter of time. I’m going to shoot up that whole place and it’s going to be your fault.”

Another female voice can be heard in the background saying “I’m coming with you.”

Welborn remains in custody at the Volusia County Jail with no bond.