DBPD Ready For This Weekend's Truck Meet


Daytona Beach, FL - Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young says he wants everyone to enjoy themselves during this weekend's what's billed as "The World's Largest Truck Show." That being said, he expects everyone to be respectful of others.

2021 Daytona Truck Meet Begins Friday

This year's event is different from last because One Daytona will be open to those in attendance. Young says that should keep some of the patrons away from the beach. " This year, they're allowing them to use One Daytona, that entire back parking lot. They're allowed to be on property until midnight. If the majority hang out at One Daytona, then we may not even need to restrict anything."

Young said that Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD) officers could write up violations on the trucks all day long. For the height, the smoke, for the tires, and many other things. We try to cut them a break until they start with the train horns and that's the fastest way to get a ticket. "They put all these upgrades and lift kits and they put these train horns on these trucks. We don't want to ruin the party but at the same time, we have a duty and a responsibility to kind of look out for the residents."

As for the locals, Young is asking for patience. He says we don't need unnecessary road rage incidents.   He said it used to be if a patrol car with lights on was blocking an area, it would be respected.  That's not the case anymore. Young says people get offended when they can't get where they want to go."It's like we've become a nation of kings and queens. Everybody has an invisible crown or tiara on their head and it's like, "How dare you stop me from where I need to go because where I need to go is more important than anything in the world." He says they don't realize that the police are there for their safety. If a road or bridge is blocked, something on the other side is not safe.


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