DeLand Man Charged With Vehicular Homicide In August Crash


DeLand, FL - DeLand Police say speed was the reason for an August 7, 2020 crash in which 21-year-old Nathan Swire lost his life. They arrested 22-year-old Zachary Caron, who was the driver, on Tuesday (February 2) on a charge of Vehicular Homicide, which is a second-degree felony.

The crash happened west of the intersection of South Boston Avenue and East Beresford Avenue. Tire marks from the car measured about 140 feet in length with debris being found about 200 feet away from where the car came to a stop.

Caron and another passenger stated that they were headed to a liquor store but had not been drinking prior to the crash. Caron said he didn't know how fast he was going and the passenger said that he thought they were going about 45 mph but amended his statement to 50 or 60 mph and that he felt "unsafe and nervous" before the crash took place. 

The crash data retrieval system from the car contained data that showed the car was traveling 95.6 mph five seconds before the crash and 71.4 mph at impact. The speed limit in the area is 35 mph. DNA evidence showed that Caron was driving the car at the time of the crash.

Caron's bond was set at $15,000. He has bonded out of jail.