One Week Left, Here's What's Going On


Only seven days remain between now and the 2020 General Election, which is undoubtedly going to be one for the books.

Democrats Still Leading In Vote-By-Mail Totals, Republicans Lead Early Voting

(Information accurate as of 10/27/20 11:10 AM)

After the deadline to request a mail-in ballot came and passed—on October 24th—reports from the Florida Division of Elections show that Democrats are still leading Republicans in the state's overall total of requested and delivered mail-in ballots. Although, both parties aren't too far off from each other's totals.

Currently, out of the 2,680,294 mail-in ballots requested by Florida Democrats, 1,828,177 have been received, meaning 852,117 still remain. Meanwhile, out of the 1,869,035 ballots requested by Florida's GOP, 1,213,630 have come back while 655,405 remain unreturned.

However, Republicans have outnumbered Democrats in the state when it comes to early voting, which they lead 1,176,216 to 860,690. Although, when you compare and combine both early voting totals and absentee ballot totals, Democrats still outnumber the GOP 3,540,984 to 3,045,251, and that's with 5,203,795 registered Democratic voters and 5,020,199 registered Republican voters in the state (those figures are accurate as of August 31st).

In the local area, more Republicans voted early in both Volusia and Flagler than Democrat voters, but Democrats still outnumber Republicans when it comes to returned absentee ballots. 

Additionally, early voting will be ending soon (November 1st).

Fmr. President Barack Obama Speaks In Orlando, Lambastes President Trump


Former President Barack Obama spoke to voters in Orlando during a drive-in voter rally for Democratic candidate Joe Biden and delivered comments on both Joe and President Donald Trump's handling of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"The pandemic would have been challenging for any president," said Obama. "But this idea that somehow this White House has done anything but completely screw this thing up is nonsense."

"Joe takes this seriously, he knows the emotional toll on grandparents when they can't see their grandkids. He's not going to call scientists idiots, he's not going to host superspreader events at the White House then take it on a tour across the country" added Obama.

The former president was also critical of President Trump's presence on social media.

"You'll be able to go about your lives knowing that the president's not going to retweet conspiracy theories about secret cabals running the world," said Obama. "We're not going to have a president when Joe Biden's in office that goes out of his way to insult people just because they don't support him."

Meanwhile, as Obama was speaking to voters in Orlando, Joe was speaking to voters in Warm Springs, Georgia while President Trump was making an appearance in Lansing, Michigan.

Trump Gaining On Biden In Florida Polls, But One Model Predicts Biden Victory

According to, President Trump is starting to gain on Joe Biden when it comes to polls in the state of Florida.

Their recent findings show that, on average, Biden is still leading in the polls, but it's not by much, only by two points. On average, 48.8% of polls favor Biden while 46.8% favor Trump. For comparison, July's numbers were much more different as Biden was pulling ahead in the polls by seven points.

Still, even after reportedly simulating the election 40,000 times, FiveThirtyEight's model gives Joe a 65% chance of winning the election in the battleground state. On the national scale, FiveThirtyEight gives Biden an 88% chance of winning the election.

If you're interested in getting the results live as they happen, be sure to join FM 93.5 and AM 1150 WNDB at 7 p.m. on November 3rd for live election coverage, featuring Marc Bernier and two special guests. You can also find updates and live results online through's live poll tracker.


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