Tramont Dropping County Run For Tallahassee Bid


Daytona Beach, FL - Instead of eyeing a county seat in DeLand, one Port Orange City Council member decides he wants to run for a seat in Tallahassee instead.

Current Port Orange District 2 Representative Chase Tramont announced on WNDB’s Good Day Daytona that his sights are now set on a yet-to-be approved district, District 30, that will serve parts of southern Volusia and northern Brevard County, essentially splitting Titusville in half. The district is a part of a plan submitted by the state House Redistricting Committee on January 24

Tramont was waiting on announcing his run until he knew what was going to happen with another set of local districts; districts currently held by Representatives Elizabeth Fetterhoff (R-DeLand) and Webster Barnaby (R-Orange City). Under this current redistricting plan, both Fetterhoff and Barnaby’s districts would be combined into a bigger version of District 29, meaning both incumbents will have to face each other in a primary come election time.

He just filed for the seat—the state elections website has yet to list him as a candidate—and he says so far he’s the only one filed. He believes that will change as redistricting is expected to eliminate some districts candidates are already running for.

While he’s still forming his platform, he’s not completely sure on the exact issues he would like to address if he were to be elected. However Tramont already expressed an interest in education and criminal justice reform, and said he wants to be mindful of working with both sides of the aisle in Tallahassee.

“Yes, this is a Republican seat and a conservative seat. (But) I’ve never been married solely to a party. I want to be able to represent everybody,” said Tramont.

It’s not clear if any other Volusia-area residents have filed or intend to run for the new District 30. However, Tramont said he is aware of a number of people in Brevard who would likely file to run for the district.