Extortion Suspect Charged Again After Altering Legal Documents

Suspect stole personal information from two attorneys to do so, says the State Attorney's Office


Daytona Beach, FL - He was already arrested for extortion. Now he's facing additional charges after he stole private information from lawyers to alter legal documents.

47-year-old Christian Mosco was arrested back in May of last year after he threatened to release the names and personal information of Jon Hall Chevrolet customers after finding the personal records, a threat he made through his own Gmail account.

Now, months later, he's facing new charges after the State Attorney's Office says he stole the Florida Bar numbers from two different lawyers in order to alter legal documents.

"Each attorney approved by the Florida Bar receive a Bar number," said State Attorney RJ Larizza to News Daytona Beach. "It's required on all documents filed by that attorney to include their Bar number.

According to Larizza, Mosco obtained those two numbers and used them to file two different notices of no information — which is a document that is filed when an attorney feels there is insufficient evidence to prove someone guilty — in order to get his charges dismissed.

Both of those notices were filed through the State Attorney Office's e-filing portal. But, both notices were caught and the SAO began to investigate what happened. Eventually, it was all traced back to Mosco.

Originally, Mosco was facing charges of burglary, petty theft and extortion, but that has since changed. Larizza confirmed that the State Attorney's Office has filed a slew of new charges following the incident, and they now plan to prosecute both cases.

"We are actively prosecuting him now for his filing of those fraudulent documents, as well as the extortion case," said Larizza.

His new charges include two counts of fraudulent use of personal information, two counts of impersonating an officer, practicing law without authority, criminal process under color of law and uttering a forgery.


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