FCSO Reports FPL Imposter Scam


Bunnell, FL - The Flagler County Sheriff's Office is reporting that there is a new 'Imposter Scam' going around the county. Residents are being called by someone claiming to be an employee of Florida Power and Light in the billing department. The victims are being told that their bill is past due and their power will be disconnected unless they pay immediately. The victims are given a number of ways to pay: over the phone with a prepaid credit card, gift card, a third-party payment portal, or by following a link in an email.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly says you should not do any of the above. "A lot has changed in 2020 but unfortunately, the scammers are still up to their old tricks. If you receive a call like this or from anyone requesting immediate payments or personal information over the phone we advise you to hang up and call the business yourself. Do not be an easy target."

FPL advises that they will never ask you to do any of the above.  They instruct people that if you get a call demanding immediate payment through prepaid credit card, gift card, third-party pay portal, or through an email link from someone claiming to be a representative of FPL, hang up. The call FPL customer service at the number on your billing statement.

To find out more about utility fraud and how to stay safe, visit utilitiesunited.org

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