FDOT Says New System Will Help Deter Wrong-Way Drivers On I-4


DeLand, FL - The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) said the installation and testing of the technology, known as Wrong-Way Vehicle Detection Systems (WWVDS) are in the final stages on 17 Interstate 4 (I-4) off-ramps in Volusia, Seminole, and Orange counties. In Volusia County, it's installed on the off-ramps at Dirksen Drive and Saxon Boulevard, It's installed at Orange Boulevard/U.S. 17-92, S.R. 46, County Road (C.R.) 46A, and Lake Mary Boulevard in Seminole County. The technology consists of specialized signage that detects drivers going the wrong way on highway off-ramps.

According to an FDOT press release: "A vehicle traveling the opposite way will trigger the system, which in turn will flash red beacons to warn the driver. If the driver continues in the wrong direction, the system will instantly send alerts to FDOT traffic managers and law enforcement, improving incident response times. At the same time, a wrong-way driver alert will appear on electronic messaging boards along the interstate to warn other motorists."

"The systems also include additional wrong-way signage, roadway reflectors, and pavement markings, further enhancing the safety features at the off-ramps."

“Wrong-way driving collisions often involve multiple vehicles and can result in serious injuries or fatalities,” said Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson Lt. Kim Montes. “Implementing wrong-way detection technology on our major roadways will help make motorists safer by not only deterring potential incidents but also by giving law enforcement and the traveling public advanced warning.”

WWVDS is a statewide initiative to help deter wrong-way driving incidents. The new WWVDS at eight interchanges is the first use of them on I-4 in Central Florida.

"Wrong-way driving crashes occur when a driver has not observed posted traffic signs and proceeds in a lane going the wrong direction, increasing the risk of a head-on collision. While wrong-way driving crashes occur less frequently than other types of crashes, wrong-way crashes often involve more than two vehicles. They can result in fatalities and serious injuries. The new WWVDS installed at each I-4 off-ramp can detect and log these wrong-way driving events, which enhances road safety by helping to identify any potential needed improvements."


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