Flagler Jail Inmate Re-Arrested After Attacking Deputy with Plunger Handle


BUNNELL, Fla. – Isaac Brevil, an inmate at the Sheriff Perry Hall Detention Facility in Flagler County, has been re-arrested after trying to stab a detention deputy, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office says. Brevil was initially arrested last month for allegedly fleeing a traffic stop.

In this incident, Brevil is said to have used a broken wooden toilet plunger handle to attempt to stab a detention deputy at around 5:00 pm on Thursday. He’s been given five new felony charges: four counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, and one of resisting an officer with violence.

The story, according to the FCSO news release, states that Brevil asked for the plunger to unclog the toilet in his cell, but then declined to return the plunger through the safe opening typically used to give inmates their meals. He’s then said to have broken the handle to create a sharp, jagged end.

Chemicals were dispersed into the cell to attempt to regain control of the situation, but Brevil’s noncompliance persisted. He attempted to barricade the door with bedding material, but deputies were still able to enter and try to regain the plunger. This is when the attack is said to have occurred.

In recounting the incident, Sheriff Rick Staly credits the deputies’ body armor with having saved them from a potential stab wound. “He wasn’t able to penetrate the body armor the deputies were wearing, which saved them from serious injuries,” Staly said.

Though the deputies weren’t stabbed, one of them did sustain an injury from the incident. “During the struggle to regain control of this violent offender one deputy’s elbow was fractured,” Staly continued. “This is a prime example of just how dangerous a Detention Deputy’s job can be. They are the invisible heroes keeping our community safe from people like this.”

Brevil has no arrest record in Flagler County prior to his September 25th arrest for allegedly fleeing a traffic stop.