Flagler Tiger Bay Club Announces New Officers, Speaker Lineup


PALM COAST - The Flagler Tiger Bay Club announced its new leadership officers this week, as well as its featured speaker lineup for the coming months. The county's most popular non-partisan political club will move forward under a transformed set of leadership going into next year's election season.

Full information on the Flagler Tiger Bay Club, including membership info, can be found on their website.

New Leadership Elected

President-elect Jay Scherr.
President-elect Jay Scherr.

Jay Scherr, local business leader and part-time entertainer, will take over as President for the next two years of the Flagler Tiger Bay Club. Amelia Fulmer, Director of the Flagler Auditorium, will serve as First Vice President, with attorneys Dr. Joe Saviak and Marc Dwyer serving as Second Vice Presidents respectively. Gary Walsh will stay in his current roles as Secretary and Chair of the Governance Committee, alongside Recording Secretary Cheri Orr and Treasurer Jim Uveges.

Scherr will succeed Greg Davis, the President of the Flagler Tiger Bay Club for all five years since its inception. "I am very excited to hear Jay Scherr has been elected the new President of Flagler Tiger Bay Club," Davis said following the leadership elections. "Jay has the full suite of talent, attributes, experience, and capabilities to lead Tiger Bay to new heights. He is surrounded with a talented and generationally rich Board of Directors and Executive Team. Jay and the new executive leadership represent the generational blend and change needed to ensure that Flagler Tiger Bay Club will continue to thrive."

First Vice President Amelia Fulmer (center) and Second Vice Presidents Marc Dwyer and Dr. Joe Saviak (left and right).
First Vice President Amelia Fulmer (center) and Second Vice Presidents Marc Dwyer and Dr. Joe Saviak (left and right).

"I’m honored and excited to serve our members and work with our dynamic and talented board of directors and committee members to achieve our shared goals and vision," Scherr said of his rise to the President position. "Our leadership team is truly second to none. Greg Davis set a remarkable example of what exceptional leadership, dedication, and humility look like. I look forward to continuing the legacy of excellence that has become synonymous with the Flagler Tiger Bay Club.”

In the Club's announcement Scherr identified four priorities for the coming fiscal year: the group's membership, its Young Executive program, its candidate forums during election season, and its Young Tiger program. It's not hard to see the synergy between these goals for a unified vision; Palm Coast has two candidates under 30 years old registered in its local elections, a trend which could be fostered by investing in youth political activism.

Speaker Lineup Announced

In addition to its new slate of leadership officers, the Flagler Tiger Bay Club also announced its series of speakers for the months of September, October, and November. These speakers will present before Club members at the luncheon meetings held during each of these months.

This month's speaker will be Husein Cumber, coming to the Flagler Tiger Bay Club on September 20th. Cumber is the Chief Strategy Officer for Florida East Coast Industries, LLC. The topic of interest for his presentation will be the potential regional impacts of the Brightline high-speed rail extension which will connect Tampa to Cocoa largely along I-4, and then wind down the Atlantic coast to Miami.

Next month will feature Edwin H. Moore, speaking on October 18th. Moore is the President Emeritus of the Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida, a group of 31 independent institutions of higher education in Tallahassee. Moore will speak on the challenges and opportunities of higher education in Florida in the modern day. It's a particularly resonant topic as state lawmakers and members of the Governor's cabinet have pushed the boundaries of the relationship between government and universities.

The following month will bring Mark Falzone, President of Scenic America. A nonprofit founded in 1978, Scenic America advocates for decreasing light pollution and visual blight to preserve America's natural scenery. Falzone has been Preisdent of the organization since 2017.

“This is going to be an exciting year and we have an incredible lineup of regional and national speakers planned," President-elect Scherr said of the lineup. "We hope you’ll join us at our upcoming luncheon meeting on September 20th featuring guest speaker Husein Cumber, chief strategy officer with Florida East Coast Industries. Husein will be discussing the potential regional impacts of the Brightline high-speed rail extension.”