Florida Drivers Now Legally Must Move Over for Stopped Vehicles


With the start of the new year, a new law for Florida motorists has officially gone into effect - drivers now must move over for stopped vehicles on the side of the road given certain criteria. Previously the law only applied to stopped emergency vehicles such as police cars and ambulances.

The bill was filed in the state House of Representatives by Tiffany Esposito and Alex Andrade, Republicans from Fort Myers and Pensacola respectively. It was passed unanimously in both chambers of the legislature, enjoying broad bipartisan support.

Under the exact policies laid out in the law, motorists are required to move over for a stopped vehicle displaying either its hazard lights, emergency flares, or emergency signage. The penalty for a violation is a fine up to $158 if a citation is issued. One of the largest lobbyists for the bill, AAA, has released a statement celebrating its passage and adoption.

"AAA has advocated for a stronger move over law through our ‘Move Over for Me’ campaign, and are glad to see it come to fruition," said AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins. "The roadside is a dangerous place for anyone, whether it’s a first responder or a daily commuter. We hope this enhancement to the current law will save lives by reminding drivers to give extra space when passing anyone on the roadside."

Florida is now the 17th state to require motorists move over for more than just emergency vehicles. Proponents of the law hope it will create safer opportunities for drivers with broken down vehicles to assess their situation even next to moving traffic.