Florida Gas Prices Reach Highest Mark of 2024


Gas prices in Florida are at the highest level they've been at any point in 2024, according to newly released data from AAA. The new statewide average cost of one gallon was listed at $3.58 as of Monday, up considerably from last week's mark.

Why the High Prices?

"Fuel prices made modest gains in the futures market last week," said AAA Mark Jenkins in the agency's release. "Analysts believe OPEC and its allies will not lift production cuts before June, even as seasonal fuel demand is projected to grow."

The main reason for the uptick in fuel prices is, according to Jenkins, a combination of factors. Demand for gas is high as weather permits traveling and spring break recreation for one. Refineries are undergoing seasonal maintenance, which can affect production. On top of those, the global oil supply is tight, more expensive summer gasoline is being moved into the market, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict is continuing to affect Russian oil refineries.

Though the federal government's approach toward fossil fuel production is often among the first elements scrutinized in times of high gas prices, Jenkins and AAA don't form this connection. The global oil supply market as a whole is tight, they say, even as the United States produces oil at record levels.

Cheap Gas in Volusia & Flagler

Florida's gas prices sit five cents higher than the national average, which is $3.53 as of Monday. Volusia County sits just below Florida's $3.58 average, with its county-wide figure sitting at $3.57. Flagler County is a bit more expensive, with its county average coming in at $3.64.

Those looking for the cheapest gas in the area will, as usual, find the best prices at Buc-ee's on LPGA Blvd in Daytona Beach, which currently lists its gas at $3.03 according to GasBuddy. The Sam's Club exclusive pumps across the street have the same price. Those in south Volusia County may consider the Gate on Spring Garden Ave in DeLand ($3.43) or the Circle K on FL-44 in New Smyrna Beach ($3.41).

The cheapest gas in Flagler County is Bunnell Gas on US-1 just south of Old Dixie Highway, at $3.39 as of Monday morning. SR-100's cheapest gas is the RaceTrac at Old Kings Rd and the Circle K in Bunnell (both $3.53), while north Palm Coast's cheapest gas is the Shell on Boulder Rock Dr and the RaceTrac on Palm Coast Pkwy (both $3.62). These figures, as always, are subject to sudden change.