VIDEO: Fmr. WWE Wrestler Facing Lawsuit In Deadly Ormond Beach Crash


Daytona Beach, FL - The WWE Hall of Fame star accused of killing someone in an alleged DUI accident is being sued by the daughter of the deceased.

Court documents obtained by News Daytona Beach show that the daughter of Julian Lasseter, who was killed on March 25 in Ormond Beach, has filed a case against Tamara Lynn Sytch. The case—filed in Daytona Beach on April 12—also names James Pente as an additional defendant in the case. It accuses Sytch of negligence in the death of Lasseter, and Pente of vicarious liability since he rented the car she was driving at the time. The case is seeking $30,000.

The case stems from a crash on March 25 in Ormond Beach, where Sytch was reportedly speeding before slamming into the rear of Lasseter’s vehicle, which ultimately killed him. Police have been investigating the possibility of Sytch being under the influence since the crash occurred. Blood samples were taken from Sytch after she was transported to the hospital, but the toxicology results from that test have yet to come back, meaning no criminal charges have been filed thus far.

“The Ormond Beach Police Department Traffic Unit is actively investigating the crash. The investigation may lead to criminal charges, which are pending toxicology results,” said the OBPD in a statement. “OBPD has requested an expedited timeframe on the processing of these samples and the results will be made available as soon as the department receives them.”

This is also not Sytch’s first interaction with local law enforcement in the past year. In just December alone, the Daytona Beach Police Department had three separate interactions with Sytch; and two of those incidents occurred back to back with one another.

First, a report shows that officers were called to the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel on December 17, 2021 after Sytch and her boyfriend got into an argument. The argument was eventually handled and police left without making an arrest. The next day, police were called again after receiving reports that an intoxicated woman was refusing to leave her room for check-out. The woman turned out to be Sytch again.

When officers went into the room they found Sytch to be disoriented and possibly under the influence. Officers ended up transporting her to the hospital under the Marchman Act so she could be supervised until she sobered up. 

Then almost two weeks later, the police met with Sytch again. On December 27, police were called to the Hilton hotel on the beachside after Sytch reportedly found a clear crystalline substance in her boyfriend’s pockets. Body camera provided to News Daytona Beach by the DBPD shows one officer making contact with Sytch and recognizing her.

“Oh, it’s you again,” the officer can be heard saying.

She explained that she was going to use one of his Xanax tablets—for which she has a prescription for—because she left hers at home when she discovered the substance. The officer told her that she shouldn’t be taking other people’s prescribed medication, and told her that they can’t arrest him for the crystalline substance because she’s the one that handed it to the police. The officer can even be heard telling Sytch that she needs to make better choices.

“You need to get off the alcohol and stop taking other people’s Xanax because it’s putting you in this position,” said the officer.

The officer—who encountered Sytch earlier that month—asked if she recognized them, to which she said she doesn’t. The substance was submitted into evidence, but it was never made clear what it actually was.

As of right now, it seems that Sytch and Pente have not responded to the case. She also remains uncharged in the fatal accident in Ormond Beach.


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