Fourth Suspect Arrested for Death Threats Against Chitwood


For the fourth time in recent months, an arrest has been made of a suspect in death threats against Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood. Canadian citizen Tony Stromberg is accused of doing so online and over the phone.

According to a new release from the Volusia Sheriff's Office, Stromberg has been making threats from his Twitter account, via email, and in phone calls to VSO employees. He reportedly performed the communications under the alias 'Condor Calabasas'.

Stromberg's communications to the VSO in a way resembled those of the Zodiac Killer, the still-unidentified California serial killer who at times egged on the detectives trying to catch him. To that end, Stromberg wrote that he'd made an "obviously much more credible threat", and felt disappointed that no police or FBI agents had visited his house.

As it would turn out, it was not long before Stromberg got his wish. The Calgary Police Service arrested him on charges of uttering threats to cause death. Information such as Stromberg's date of birth, age, and photo are unavailable as of now. He will face his charges in Canada without being extradited to Volusia County, as has been the case with several others accused of death threats against Chitwood.

Many of the recent threats against Chitwood have been attributed to comments he made disavowing hate groups and neo-Nazi organizations.