I-4 Express Lanes Open Saturday, First Ride's Free


Daytona Beach, FL - Driving on I-4 might just get easier when the new express lanes debut this weekend. And guess what, you get to try out the express lanes for free.

Come Saturday morning (Feb. 26), the Florida Department of Transportation will officially cut the ribbon on the express lanes. Drivers will be able to try out the express lanes for the first five days—through March 2—before payment is required to use the lanes. 

When it comes time to charge drivers, transponders such as SunPass, Peach Pass, E-ZPass, or EPass, will be accepted. Pay-by-plate and cash will not be accepted. There will also be an introductory rate for tolls once payments are accepted. The introductory rate will be 50 cents a segment, so a full ride on the express lanes could cost around $3-3.50.

According to F-DOT Spokesperson Jessica Ottaviano, the five-day trial period will allow drivers to test out the roads and see if they work for them. The hope is the express lanes will cut down the commute for those living in and around the Orlando area. Law enforcement will also be on hand monitoring the lanes.

The east end of the I-4 express lanes begins near State Road 434 in the Longwood area. From there it carries on west through the heart of Orlando and towards the attractions before ending near State Road 435 past Grand National Drive.

The express lanes are only open to two-axle vehicles, according to F-DOT.