ICU Bed Capacity Shrinking Due To COVID-19 Surge


Daytona Beach, FL - The surge of COVID-19 cases in Florida and specifically Volusia and Flagler counties has shrunk the capacity of available hospital beds.  The Florida Department of Health website shows that with 1,132 beds in Volusia County there are 288 or 20 percent available. Flagler County, which has had 434 positive cases of COVID-19, about an eighth the number of Volusia, has 108 hospital beds with only four available or about four percent.

You can find the daily updated hospital bed statistics by clicking here.

During a press conference this morning, Advent Health - Central Florida President and CEO Daryl Tol said the increase is being well-managed but with more testing, hospitalizations have increased. "To put that in context, that’s normal. Our health systems operate in this range of capacity on a regular basis. The growth of COVID is something we are paying close attention to, but the capacity level is still within a manageable range for us.”

Tol also addressed elective surgeries and what could change if needed. “As we expand space, and as we expand staffing, it’s more of a dial than a switch.  We are continuing to do elective procedures today, but we are ready to turn the dial if we need to for space and staff.”


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