Knife-Wielding 19 Year-Old Arrested at Palm Coast School


PALM COAST, Fla. - Flagler Palm Coast High School was locked down Monday afternoon after a man with two knives reportedly breached the campus perimeter. The man, James Colasanti, was arrested with no harm having been done to anyone present.

Initial reports indicate Colasanti had no intent on harming any of the students or faculty at FPCHS, and was instead fleeing a separate altercation that occurred nearby when he jumped a school fence. As stated on FlaglerLive, where the news was reported earlier in the day, 120 or so summer school students were present when the incident occurred.

The 19 year-old entered the campus from the back near the athletic fields, and according to the school district never reached any of the main buildings. The incident began at around 1:30 pm and was reportedly wrapped up by 2:30 pm, with all roads reopened and the suspect in custody. He’s expected to face one or multiple felony and/or misdemeanor charges for the scare.

Though thankfully no one was hurt and the threat was more or less benign, any thoughts of weapons brought on-campus is bound to cause high tensions with the frequency of school shootings in the United States this decade. Flagler Schools is in the process of considering a ‘guardian program’ which would arm faculty with firearms to defend against potential school shooters or other deadly threats.