LaShakia Moore Tapped to be Permanent Flagler Superintendent


LaShakia Moore, the interim Flagler Schools Superintendent for multiple months now, is poised to be hired as permanent superintendent for the district following a decision by the School Board to suspend its external search. Moore took over the post when the School Board voted against renewing the contract of former Superintendent Cathy Mittelstadt in April.

The decision to move forward with Moore will save the district from committing large amounts of time, money, and resources toward the search for new candidates, something that played heavily into the Board’s decision. Beyond that, the district would have had to explain its recent high turnover in superintendents (six since 2005) to any qualified candidates it recruited for the job. Moore’s willingness to take over if asked was subject to speculation, but she indicated her openness in recent weeks.

The unity with which the current School Board agreed on Moore’s readiness came to the relief of the community; just a few months ago, the Board was as divided and on-edge as it had been in years due to intrigue and possible conspiring around Mittelstadt’s job this spring. Board member Sally Hunt and Wadsworth Elementary Principal Paul Peacock had texted back and forth, with Peacock apparently coaching Hunt on how to initiate Mittelstadt’s firing before the 3-2 vote that ousted her soon thereafter. Peacock himself was fired over the summer break after an administrative leave for other issues.

Prior to her current position, Moore worked as an educator at Rymfire Elementary School and as a curriculum specialist for the district. She served a stint as Rymfire’s principal, then as Director of Teaching and Learning for the district. From there she was promoted to Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services, a position she would maintain up until Mittelstadt’s firing. Then she was chosen as interim superintendent.

Moore is not yet confirmed as the new permanent superintendent, but the School Board has made clear they intend to take the process in that direction, entering into the procedural steps that end with Moore’s hiring.