Legislators Fighting To Save Minor League Teams

Representatives create "Save Minor League Baseball" task force


Daytona Beach, FL -  Daytona's Minor League team is praising a newly created task force aimed at saving the 42 teams at stake come the end of 2020.

It's known as "Save Minor League Baseball" and it is the work of  Rep. Lori Trahan of Massachusetts and David McKinley of  West Virginia. The task force is aimed at preventing the MLB from cutting those 42 teams, which include the Daytona Tortugas, from the Minor League Baseball roster.

“We appreciate the support of Rep. Lori Trahan, David McKinley and the members of the task force in standing up for Minor League Baseball and speaking out against MLB’s effort cast off thousands of jobs, reduce affordable, family-friendly entertainment and undermine grassroots support for our great game,” said Tortugas president Ryan Keur.

The Tortugas expressed their opinion on their fellow MiLB teams, saying that they are "vital to the social and economic lives of millions of Americans" because they support local businesses and create jobs in communities, on top of contributing to tourism and charity.

“With this proposal, MLB is willing to break the hearts of dozens of communities across the country,” said Keur. “We are going to resist this plan and are gratified that so many in Congress are willing to join with us.”

In a previous interview with WNDB's sister station, 95.7 The Hog,, Keur said that the  MLB and MiLB will be at the negotiating table multiple times between now and December of 2020 to come to an agreement.

And, despite the agreement talks, the Tortugas will kick off the 2020 season April 9th, 2020. According to Keur, they're going to make it better than last season.


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