Man Found Dead in Woods Near DeLand

VSO Says No Foul Play Suspected


A man was found deceased in a wooded area near the city of DeLand last week, according to a statement released by the Volusia Sheriff's Office. Little is currently known about the case, but the VSO's statement says that foul play is not currently suspected.

According to a description of the incident, deputies responded to a wooded area behind 1600 N. Woodland Blvd on Wednesday after they received a call about a body being found at the end of a wooded trail. The location is in the immediate vicinity of several campsites.

Deputies found the body and determined there were no indications of foul play. They were able to identify the body as belonging to 40-year-old Cody Stover, and Stover's next-of-kin were informed soon thereafter. The cause of death for Stover is still yet to be determined, as a full autopsy is performed on his body in the coming days.

The discovery of Stover's body was the second such occurrence in south Volusia County in a matter of days. On April 1st, the VSO reported that 26-year-old Deltona resident Tyrone McQueen Jr. was found dead in a residential pool. There were no indications of foul play in this case either, and the report states the man likely fell into the pool accidentally.