Man Gave Minor Drugs, Cash & Alcohol For Sex


Palm Coast, FL - Sexual crimes against a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and marijuana possession is what this Palm Coast man faces following his arrest.

On Monday (February 18th), Flagler County Sheriff's Office was made aware of 47-year-old Sean Patrick Farrelly after a family stepped forward with reports about sexual offenses against their 16-year-old daughter.

According to what the victim told FCSO, it started about a year ago when Farrelly began to make comments to her regarding her genitals; specifically that he wanted to touch her.

She also said that Farrelly told her that he wanted pay her and give her anything she wanted only if she had sex with him.

The report from her shows that Farrelly sent her photographs of small stacks of money with captions like "want to play" and "come over." The victim also told investigators that Farrelly sometimes went into her bedroom at night and pull the covers off her before asking for sex.

Farrelly even went as far as to enter the bathroom while she was showering and ask if he could join her, according to her narrative.

The victim consented to a search of her text messages from Farrelly, which showed investigators conversations that dated back to November 24th of last year.

Some of those messages include:

Farrelly: You want to play, what are you doing
Victim: Going to bed
Farrelly: Wnat to play
Victim: Not really
Farrley: Ok you sure
Victim: Im sure
Farrelly: Ok, Cash$$$

The victim told investigators that Farrelly often paid for sex, usually between $30 and $40.

Other messages showed that Farrelly gave her alcohol, marijuana or a combination of the two in order to help have sex with him, or as Farrelly referred to in the messages as being "primed up."

The next day (February 19th), FCSO along with agents with the Department of Children and Families began to monitor communication between the victim and Farrelly.

The victim told Farrelly that it was possible to get pregnant despite the use of condoms. Farrelly said that wasn't true and told her that she was the only one he had sex with and they'd talk about it when he got home.

After the two ended one phone conversation, Farrelly called back immediately and asked her "you swear to God you're not recording this conversation?"

Farrelly then told her was concerned about being recorded and being arrested.

He brought it up a few more times, even asking her when he was going to jail, saying he was scared and nervous.

Both FCSO and DCF believed that was enough to find probably cause that Farrelly did commit crimes of sexual battery with a minor.

Later on in the day, investigators and DCF responded to Farrelly's residence off of Llovera Place in Palm Coast in hopes to arrest him. When he was found he told deputies that he did not want to speak unless he had representation.

Deputies conducted a search and find a zip lock bag with around 20 grams of marijuana.

Farrelly was charged with two counts of sexual crimes against a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and possession of marijuana.

He was booked and processed at the Flagler County Jail, where he's being held on $96,000 bond, according to jail records.

Photo of Farrelly's arrest courtesy of Flagler County Sheriff's Office.


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