Man Killed In Collision With Amazon Truck

Investigators say the crash also caused a diesel spill


Edgewater, FL - State troopers say a 23-year-old Jacksonville man passed away following an early morning crash on I-95.

Their report states that the man's 2000 Honda coupe was driving northbound through Edgewater when it stopped behind a roadside assistance vehicle that was tending to a disabled FedEx truck just before two o'clock this morning (June 18th).

The driver of the Honda asked the service worker that he had a hole in his tire and he needed help. The worker told him to wait then he would try to help him. The Honda driver then told the worker that he would meet him off the nearest exit, which was Exit 244 to State Road 442.

Florida Highway Patrol says the man began to travel in the right lane with his hazards on. However, as he did so, an Amazon semi-truck with a trailer also approached him from behind.

Investigators say the truck driver attempted to swerve in an effort to avoid the Honda driver. But, the right side of the truck still struck the car as the truck driver lost control.

FHP additionally reported that 200 gallons of diesel spilled onto the roadway following the crash. The Jacksonville man died from his injuries while the truck driver suffered minor injuries.

I-95 also suffered from closures and delays throughout the morning as troopers investigated the scene. As of 8:45, the only blockage left was the right lane at mile marker 243.


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