Mother Charged With Child Abuse After Infant Overdoses


Deltona, FL -  A 39-year-old Deltona woman is charged with aggravated child abuse  after examiners found that her three-month-old infant had a lethal amount of Methadone in his system. Amber Buzia  called 9-1-1 Sunday afternoon to report the baby was having trouble breathing.

Buzia has been prescribed liquid Methadone to fight her narcotics addiction. She told deputies that she took her dose, then kissed the baby on the lips which may have led to the overdose.  Deltona Fire Rescue workers determined the baby's condition was critical. He was transported to AdventHealth Fish Memorial Hospital by ambulance.  On the way, paramedics administered a dose of Narcan to the baby, reversing the drug’s effects and likely saving his life.

At the hospital, an emergency room doctor confirmed the baby did have methadone in his system. X-rays showed the baby was healing from a skull fracture. He was transferred to the AdventHealth for Children pediatric ICU in Orlando and is expected to survive.

Buzia and the child's father, who was at work on Sunday, were interviewed by detectives.  Buzia adamantly stated she did not intentionally give the infant methadone. However, a medical report by a Child Protection Team pediatric nurse practitioner who specializes in child abuse injuries states: “This child was fortunate to survive his overdose. A simple kiss would not have resulted in an overdose of Methadone and the need to treat him with Narcan to reverse the drug’s effects. It is my opinion that this child was intentionally given Methadone in order to calm or quiet him.”

Both parents denied havng any idea about how the possible skull fracture occurred, but did say the infant fell out of a stroller a month or two ago, suffering minor injuries as Buzia was walking him around the neighborhood. An inspection of the stroller found no defects or damage.

Buzia was arrested yesterday (July 1) at home and charged with one count of aggravated child abuse.  She is being held without bond. The child's father isn ot being charged at this time. The infant has been removed from the parents' custody by the Department of Children and Families.


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