None Reported Injured in Early Morning Palm Coast Tornado


PALM COAST, Fla. - The B Section of Palm Coast was impacted by a tornado in the early hours of Thursday morning, according to statements from emergency response personnel. A press conference by Flagler Sheriff Rick Staly later that morning confirmed no injuries had yet been reported, but several residents’ homes and property was damaged in the winds.

In the aftermath of the twister’s impact residents began sharing photos to social media depicting the damages. One car appeared to have been turned on its side in the street, and debris littered residential streets. At least one power line was partially downed.

The tornado’s touchdown occurred around 4:45 am Thursday morning, according to Palm Coast Fire Chief Kyle Berryhill. Several homes are severely damaged, with reports coming in of parts of roofs being torn from their houses. Multiple large trees were ripped apart, their heavy limbs acting as projectiles.

Multiple roads in the B Section have been subject to heavy emergency responder presence as cleanup has continued. The FCSO is asking residents to refrain from driving on affected roads to look at damage, and to steer clear from areas that may still be dangerous.

Hundreds of homes lost power during the night, and Florida Power & Light personnel have responded to restore service as they’ve been able. Western Flagler County also reported debris and damage, but the exact damage out there isn’t as well-documented.