NSBPD Working To Keep Traffic Under Control


New Smyrna Beach, FL - The New Smyrna Beach Police Department (NSBPD) wants residents and visitors to know that they are taking numerous measures to keep traffic moving beachside as well as the main traffic corridors.

On the beach, there will be extra toll workers to help move traffic onto the beach faster and it's anticipated that they will use both lanes one way at the ramps to get vehicles onto the beach. Police will monitor their progress and work with beach safety supervisors to make adjustments as necessary. The beach supervisor will let the NSBPD sergeant know when the beach is full and ramps are closed, using cones to redirect traffic from the ramps.

NSBPD encourages visitors to monitor their Facebook page for the most up-to-date information on tides and traffic conditions. They will be posting information from the Beach Safety app which you can find at volusia.org

Away from the beach, boards will continue to be on the causeways to help direct traffic to alternate ramps and out on S.R. 44 to let drivers know when the beaches are full or closed due to high tides. 

Since the beginning of Bike Week and now through Spring Break, more than 150 traffic citations, mostly for moving violations such as speeding, failing to stop at stop signs, and running red lights have been issued. The parking staff has issued more than 850 parking citations. 

As for traveling on S.R. 44, the county traffic engineer has put the traffic lights on summertime sequence. There are hand controls in every box along S.R. 44 from the Mission Drive/Wallace Road intersection to I-95 so that the lights can be worked manually when necessary.

NSBPD says that traffic isn't going away due to the facts that the city has multiple special events, an advertising authority that encourages NSB as the best tourist destination in East Central Florida, and the best beaches that are still the most affordable leisure activity for residents and visitors. They ask drivers to please be patient and adjust their plans accordingly.

New Smyrna Beach, traffic control


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