Oak Hill Teen Arrested for Alleged Profane Threat to Volusia Deputies


OAK HILL, Fla. - A 14-year-old from Oak Hill was arrested this week for allegedly posting an explicit message, complete with him brandishing an apparent gun, to Snapchat. The teen reportedly made the post in a sort of attempt to look tough for his friends.

"I'll tell them Volusia County sheriffs to lick my nuts and suck my wood," the teen is said to have posted, wearing a blue ski mask. What appeared to be a black handgun was shown in the clip along with that caption, leaving the obvious possibility that together they'd be seen as a threat to law enforcement.

The FBI sent a screen recording of the clip to the Volusia Sheriff's Office, it having been provided to them by Snapchat. According to a police report, deputies were familiar with the teen from multiple prior encounters he'd had with law enforcement. 

Upon his arrest the teen is said to have confessed to posting the video, but he asserted that the gun was a toy gel blaster called an Orby gun. Upon inspection of the gun which seemed to be in clip, deputies found it wasn't a toy. The teen then reportedly admitted it was a BB gun.

The teen's father confirmed to deputies that no real guns were in the household, and that he had indeed used a BB gun in the clip. He was then arrested on charges of written threats to kill a law enforcement officer. Prior to this incident the teen was already on probation for driving without a license and for resisting officers without violence. Deputies determined there was probably cause to register a violation of probation.