One Killed in Second Daytona Shooting in Three Days


UPDATE 3:37 pm: Original reports stated that the shooting victim was injured in the shooting. The Daytona Beach Police Department has now confirmed that the victim has succumbed to their wounds, and the shooting is being investigated as a homicide.

The DBPD is advising the community be on the lookout for the dark Kia in the video below. The driver is considered to be armed and dangerous.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - For the second time this week, police are investigating a shooting that occurred in Daytona Beach. Unlike the first one, which occurred Monday with no reported injuries, this one has left one person injured.

Little is currently known about the week's second shooting. Early reports indicate that it occurred in the area of Bellevue Ave and South Nova Rd. The shooting is said to have been a drive-by, carried out in the midst of traffic. The target was a blue vehicle, one occupant of which was struck by gunfire.

The victim was rushed to the hospital in the aftermath of the shooting. Their identity and current status is not yet known. Police are still looking to find out the identity and motive of the shooter, and it's unknown whether they've identified any suspects.

Just Monday, multiple witnesses reported hearing gunfire near the Daytona Beach Pier at 10:42 pm. No one was reported to have been hit, but police did find shell casings on the ground in the area. There's nothing yet to indicate that the two shootings are connected, and any further information provided by police will be reported here once it becomes available.