Orange City

Orange City 2 Year-Old Dies in Car, Police Investigating


ORANGE CITY, Fla. - The Volusia Sheriff's Office has confirmed that an investigation has been opened into the death of a 2 year-old in Orange City on Thursday. Little was released in the VSO's statement, but the circumstances of the toddler's death seem sadly apparent.

According to police, the young girl had been left in the family's car on Thursday for hours. The family is said to have gone for lunch in DeLand and come home at around 2:40 pm. Some time around 5:00 pm, the child was found by her parents still in the car and unresponsive.

The girl's parents then rushed her to the hospital, where she was then pronounced dead shortly before 6:00 pm. She is survived by both parents and two older brothers, ages 15 and 8.

As of now the Volusia Sheriff's Office's Major Case Unit is investigating the circumstances surrounding the toddler's death. It's not yet known whether any charges will be handed down or arrests will be made, but more information will likely be released regarding the case in the coming days and weeks.