Ormond Police Warn Of Unemployment Benefits Scam


Ormond Beach, FL - Ormond Beach police are warning residents about a scam involving unemployment benefits that is affecting victims all over the state.

The Ormond Beach Police Department (OBPD) states that scammers are mailing unemployment benefit claim forms and checks to residents all over the state, including individuals in Ormond Beach.

According to police, the benefit forms and the first unemployment check, if they submit the forms, are sent to the victim at their home address. But after that, scammers will alter future deliveries so they can continue to receive the benefits in the victim's name without their knowledge.

If you receive unsolicited unemployment claim forms, or have received an unemployment check or benefits in your name without applying, police ask that you retain the documents and contact your local law enforcement agency immediately to file a report. Most importantly, if you do receive a check, police urge you to not cash or deposit it.

Police will also provide steps on how to avoid corrupting your personal finances and your tax records with the IRS.