Adults, Teens Asking For More Capacity For Graduations At Ocean Center


DeLand, FL - A number of adults and high school seniors made their feelings known on the issue of limited tickets for graduation at the Ocean Center at today's (March 16) Volusia County Council meeting. 

The adults argued that they'd like to see the capacity at the Ocean Center increased from 30 to 60 percent in time for graduation.  Jennifer Strickland, who identified herself as an aunt to one of the seniors, said that more than 300,000 people were in Volusia County for Bike Week and events at the Ocean Center. "Are Volusia County seniors, are they worth less in the effort to find solutions than are bikers? If we continue to limit the high school events, the senior activities, it's not, again, the same restrictions that the Ocean Center put on graduations."

Many that spoke mentioned the County Manager as the one that's limiting the number of tickets for graduations. County Chair Jeff Brower gave George Recktenwald the chance to speak up. Recktenwald said he's optimistic that the capacity number could be changed but it really depends on the COVID-19 trends in May. "We have a lot of reason to be optimistic. If anything, this pandemic has proven that we just continue to get different information at different times. We'll work with the School Board because what we have now is what the School Board asked for." 

At the end of public speaking but before the VCC meeting officially began, both Ben Johnson and Heather Post requested the discussion be put on the next agenda.

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