Post: Volusia County Emergency Services In Need


Daytona Beach, FL - The county emergency services are at the same point they were in 2011, and that needs to change according to a Volusia County Council member.

When the Volusia County Council voted on Tuesday (September 4th) regarding the fate of the county administration building on 250 North Beach Street in Daytona, it came to a 6-1 agreement with the only no vote coming from District 4 Representative Heather Post.


  • Post says emergency services are at the same level they were at in 2011
  • With an increased number of service calls in 2018, they still have the same number of people on the road as they did in 2011. That's only actual ambulance staff, not administration.
  • She says quote "(the) council is not getting the correct and adequate information so that we can make the decisions that need to be made"
  • She's ok with spending money on emergency services to bring the county up to a "minimal acceptable service"
  • On Bernier she talked about a medical incident she had not too long ago, a few days before that show, where she was having a severe medical episode and had someone drive her to the hospital instead of getting an ambulance because she says it might have taken too long. Doctors say when she arrived if she came 20 minutes later she'd be dead.
  • She says the ambulance service is understaffed and there are times where there is not an ambulance available to respond to an emergency
  • The have the ambulances, they don't have the staff. She's willing to pay more money to get more staff and ambulances on the road.



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