Daytona Beach

Prescribed Burn Briefly Escapes Perimeter in Daytona


UPDATE, Friday 12:05 pm: As of Friday, the Florida Forest Service has clarified to other news outlets that the prescribed burn was carried out by a private entity, using a permit issued by the FFS. The FFS has been reached, but has not yet provided further clarification. Any statement they provide will be added to this article.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A prescribed burn in a wooded area near LPGA Blvd in Daytona escaped its containment on Wednesday, according to the Daytona Beach Fire Department. The burn was being carried out by the Florida Forest Service. The fire reportedly escaped after parts of it jumped the plow line established to keep it contained by the FFS.

The FFS was responsible for containing the two wildfires which resulted from the escaped prescribed burn, while the DBFD worked to keep structures from being threatened. Nearby to the fire was the Latitude Margaritaville living community, a development for residents 55 and older. No one was injured as a result of the fire.

The DBFD responded to keep residential homes safe from the fires Wednesday.
The DBFD responded to keep residential homes safe from the fires Wednesday.

The fires are now 100% contained according to the DBFD, meaning although they're not necessarily put out, they are now completely surrounded by fire lines once again. Prescribed burns jumping containment is rare in wildland fire, as is the case of wildfires escaping 100% containment, and so nearby residents can likely take solace knowing the situation has been handled.

Prescribed fires are authorized by supervisors within the FFS, with consideration given to weather conditions that can make the unwanted spread of fires or smoke more likely. Operations are usually called off if the wind is too high. Without knowing how exactly the fire jumped its containment, it's difficult to tell whether their escape was a freak accident or a preventable misjudgment by FFS leadership.

In any event, with no one hurt, the only lasting effects of the wildfires will be a degree of smoke in the area over the coming days. No residents were evacuated and no structures were lost in the blaze.