Police: Reports Of Black Car Stalking Children Under Investigation


DeLand, FL - Having your child be followed by a stranger while they walk to school is a scary thought no parent ever wants to be faced with. Unfortunately, that's the case in DeLand and the police department wants to make sure your little ones stay safe.

Over the past few days the DeLand Police Department (DPD) received numerous reports from concerned citizens about a suspicious black car that has been following children to and from school. In one case, a male driving a black car stopped and asked a child to approach him.

The child was able to run to a nearby house where they were able to make contact with an adult bystander who waited with them until police came. The driver fled the area before police arrived.

Anyone with information on this car or its driver should contact the DPD immediately. Additionally, police wanted to share some safety tips for parents to share with their kids who walk or ride their bike to school.

  • Travel with a friend or in a group if possible
  • Do not accept rides from strangers. If a stranger offers you a ride, say no, run away to a safe location, and locate an adult
  • If you're followed on foot, get away as quick as you can. Go to the house of someone you know, or run to someone for help.
  • If you're followed by a car, run in the opposite direction or take a path where the car can't go, but remain in a public area where you can be seen.