Scam Calls Circulating Impersonating Bunnell Police Dept


BUNNELL – A press release from the Bunnell Police Department states that city residents have been receiving scam calls impersonating the department. The release states that the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office had been given complaints about these calls, and quickly referred the issue to the Bunnell PD.

In the call, residents had apparently been told that there was a warrant for their arrest. The call then told them to provide credit card information to pay a fine that would avert their arrest. As was confirmed by Chief Dave Brannon, law enforcements don’t ever charge residents a fine to avoid an arrest – they either make the arrest or don’t.

“Be assured, no real police department or sheriff’s office conducts business like this – ever!”, Brannon said. “I urge residents to immediately hang up if they receive a call or message from anyone making these demands and call the local law enforcement agency to report the incident.” 

The report also warned residents that scammers will at times claim that a relative was in a car accident away from the region. These calls will often ask for money to pay for medical treatment, another clear indicator that it’s a scam.