Suspected Serial Killer's Trial Scheduled For February 7


Daytona Beach, FL - The suspected serial killer charged in the death of four women is expected to go in front of a judge in early February.

Court records obtained by News Daytona Beach show that Robert Hayes is scheduled to finally go to trial on February 7 and face four first-degree murder charges—three of which are first-degree murder with a firearm charges—for the deaths of Elizabeth Bey, LaQuetta Gunther, Julie Ann Green, and Iwana Patton.

On Friday (Jan. 14), Hayes appeared in court during a criminal hearing via Zoom as Judge Raul Zambrano presided over the case and ruled on over 10 motions filed by both sides. The motions included one that will prevent one woman from testifying against Hayes, and one that will exclude another woman’s death from playing a part in this trial.

Hayes was first arrested by South Florida law enforcement in September 2020 following the 2016 homicide of Bey. DNA recovered from her murder investigation eventually drew investigators closer to Hayes, as the evidence matched DNA from two of the three Daytona Beach murders involving Green, Gunther, and Patton.

If convicted of these charges, Hayes could face the death penalty.