Flagler County

Two Arrested in Bunnell for Alleged Drug Deal


BUNNELL, Fla. - The Flagler County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday announced two men had been arrested in Bunnell for allegedly conducting a drug deal out in the open. Fredrick Gilyard and Eddie London were both detained on felony drug charges.

According to the FCSO's statement, the pair were seen by police on South Anderson Street in Bunnell, conducting a drug hand-off in the open. Deputies approached the men, and Gilyard was said to have picked up a backpack and run away. He was chased down and one deputy tasered him, causing him to stumble and fall. He was handcuffed and arrested from there.

Meanwhile, London complied with deputies and was arrested at the site of the alleged drug transaction. Deputies reportedly saw drug paraphernalia in plain view while collecting London's identification, and initiated a search based on probable cause. Later charges held that London possessed cocaine and paraphernalia.

As of Tuesday afternoon, both men are still being held at the county jail. Gilyard was booked on felony cathinones possession and evidence tampering, plus resisting an officer without violence. His bond was set at $5,500. London was charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia as previously mentioned, with a bond of $3,000. Gilyard's prior charges include shoplifting, petty theft, and possession of marijuana and cocaine. London has only been previously booked for driving with a suspended license, at least as far as Flagler County goes.

“There is zero room for poison peddlers or their customers in Flagler County,” said Sheriff Rick Staly of the arrests. “These two thought they could just buy and sell drugs in plain sight, but our watchful deputies were ready to catch them red-handed."

Video of the incident was made available by the FCSO, shown here: