Two Men Connected To "Xbox Murders" Back In Court


DeLand, FL - Two men convicted in the gruesome 2004 killings of six people and a dog in Deltona—commonly known as the Xbox Murders—are in court again.

Both Troy Victorino and Jerone Hunter were originally sentenced to death for the murders. But, because the verdicts in their trials were not unanimous, both men now have to be resentenced. 

According to the State Attorney’s Office Spokesperson Bryan Shorstein, the court is now eyeing a possible trial date sometime in April 2023, but the court still has yet to issue an official order with the set dates. That’s expected to release sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Victorino and Hunter’s charges stem from a gruesome mass murder that took place in 2004 at a Telford Lane home in Deltona. There is where Victorino, Hunter, and two others—Robert Cannon and Michael Salas—murdered six people and a dog. Forensic analysis eventually revealed that the victims died from blunt force trauma to their heads. Their bodies were also found to be cut and stabbed.

Investigators say Victorino organized the attacks after one of the victims evicted him from her grandmother’s home, the same home the murders would later take place in. After evicting Victorino, the victim supposedly kept a few of his belongings, including an Xbox game console. The incident was eventually referred to as the “Xbox Murders” since Victorino went back to the home to get his console back.

As a result of the trial, both Victorino and Hunter were initially sentenced to death. Meanwhile, Cannon and Salas received life sentences.