Volusia County Will Likely Not Mandate The Wearing Of Masks


DeLand, FL - With more than 5,000 new cases of COVID-19 reported for the second day in the row, some cities are considering mandating mask-wearing in public places. Others are protesting that mandating the wearing of masks in public is a violation of their rights. 

Volusia County Community Information Director Kevin Captain says the County strongly advocates the wearing of masks in public places but will likely not mandate it at this time.  A special meeting is on the schedule for this coming Tuesday, June 30, to discuss COVID-related issues.  "This one, in particular, has a couple of items related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  And just based on the current state of affairs, it is likely that a Council member may bring the item (masks) up for discussion."

Volusia  County Government highly encourages the public to follow CDC guidelines, which include wearing a face covering when you're in public. Captain said the County is very heavily engaged in a county-wide campaign that is being coordinated in cooperation with our cities and municipalities that focuses on the wearing of masks in public. "This campaign will include messaging on a myriad of platforms that is meant to spread the importance of washing your hands, keeping that safe physical distance of six feet at least, and wearing a mask out in public areas."

Captain says we know that it might be a little uncomfortable or you might feel embarrassed but each time you wear a mask, you could be saving a life. We appreciate those who are already carrying out this practice and we'd like to see it more often. Remember, your mask protects others and theirs protects you.


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