VSO Responds to Accidental Self-Shooting by Toddler

Girl Expected to Survive Shotgun Wound


DELTONA, Fla. - A five-year-old girl in Deltona was hospitalized on Saturday after accidentally shooting herself in the leg with a shotgun. The girl is currently expected to survive and recover, thanks to the quick response of emergency personnel.

The Volusia Sheriff's Office received a call on Saturday afternoon that the girl had wounded herself, on what turned out to be a gun she found under a family member's bed. She was found to be conscious, but losing blood where she was shot.

Five deputies began rendering aid, part of which entailed applying a tourniquet to cut off blood flow to the open wound. Deltona Fire Rescue, who responded alongside the Volusia Sheriff's Office, took her from there to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando where she was treated further.

Medical staff said, according to the VSO, that the decision to use the tourniquet might've helped to save her life. There, she began to receive further care where she will hopefully make a full recovery from the scary accident that threw her into harm's way. VSO detectives are reviewing the incident for further details indicating the possibility of potential criminal charges.