VUE Asking 'Public Education Stakeholders' To Show Support At Impasse Hearing


DeLand, FL - Volusia United Educators representatives and Volusia County Schools bargaining team meet tomorrow (September 17) for an Impasse Hearing. VUE President Elizabeth Albert declared negotiations at an impasse on August 25.  At that time, Albert said, "The Union was left with no choice but to declare impasse to get these serious disputes resolved before it’s too late."

Teachers Union Declares Impasse After Weeks Of Negotiations.

On Monday, the school district announced that the Impasse Hearing would  be the first where members of the public would be able to attend since March at the beginning of the pandemic. Albert stated, “we were surprised to learn through
social media that the district was using the Impasse Hearing to reopening school board meetings to the public. We are looking forward to having our members, parents and community members present for this very important conversation.”

"It is time for the school board to reengage with the public," Albert said. "It is also time for the
truth about the day-to-day teaching and learning environment created by the district’s reopening
plan to be shared. We hope that the board members will realize that our educational
professionals, students and community deserve better.”

The Impasse Hearing begins at 4 p.m. in the DeLand Adminstration Center located at 200 North Clara Avenue. VUE is asking for support from all "public education stakeholders." They We are suggesting an “Impasse Hearing Tailgate” gathering to afford social distancing. Public participation will not be afforded at the impasse hearing.


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