VUE Support Staff Gets Increase After Bargaining Session


DeLand, FL - During a bargaining session yesterday (January 19) between the Volusia County Schools District (VCSD) and the Volusia United Educators (VUE) bargaining team, an additional half-percent increase was approved for support professionals.

VUE President Elizabeth Albert said pay is a mandatory subject of bargaining but in October 2020, the District left the table without coming to an agreement, which by law they are not allowed to do.  VUE started the grievance process to bring them back to the table. "We prevailed using that process and so we met and within a matter of minutes, we were able to come to an agreement.  For a total package of three percent, which is what we had asked for initially"

Albert said that a 2.5 percent increase has been approved after the District broke off negotiations in October. The approved amount was retro to July 2020. "They went ahead and, I guess you could say they imposed that (the 2.5 percent) while we were working through the grievance process. We agreed on a one-time payment of $100 to cover that additional half percent retro."

The half-percent still has to be ratified by the Support Staff employees. The vote will be held on Monday (January 25) and the School Board will have an opportunity to vote on it during their meeting on Tuesday (January 26). Albert says those employees should be completely caught up pay wise by the end of February.

Volusia United Educators, Volusia County Schools