Flagler Beach

Wadsworth Park Skate Park Closed Indefinitely for Repairs


FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. - The skate park located within Wadsworth Park in Flagler Beach will be closed until further notice, county officials announced Wednesday. The park is reportedly in need of repairs to be used safely, though no timeline for reopening was given in the announcement.

“There are some repairs and renovations that we want to make to the skate park area,” said General Services Director Mike Dickson, who oversees Flagler County's Parks and Recreation Department. “We apologize for the inconvenience.” While the park is closed, locals will need to find alternate arrangements for activities involving skateboards and BMX bikes.

Meanwhile, a petition was recently launched on Change.org advocating that the county government entirely reconstruct the skate park, bringing its facilities into the modern day. "Rebuilding the Flagler Beach Skatepark would not only provide an outlet for physical activity but also foster a sense of community among our youth," said organizer Jay Wolfington. "It would serve as a safe space where they can find mentorship and camaraderie just as I did during my formative years."

As of Thursday afternoon, the petition has amassed 720 signatures, equivalent to about an eighth of the population of Flagler Beach. "Let's give our young people the chance to thrive by providing them with spaces that promote growth, learning, and community spirit," Wolfington continued. "Let's rebuild the Flagler Beach Skatepark! Please sign this petition if you believe in investing in our future by investing in our youth today."