Flagler Beach

Wadsworth Park Skate Park Repairs Complete; Facility Reopened


FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. - The skate park on the southeast corner of Wadsworth Park in Flagler Beach has reopened following a week-long closure for repairs. The announcement that it was closed resulted in considerable public concern, with many calling for a total rebuild.

“The Skateboard Park is now open!”, the Flagler County government announced on Wednesday. “Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. We are glad we were able to reopen so quickly and early.”

At times, the public response to the skate park’s closure demonstrated a lack of awareness as to what local projects are funded from what sources. Some on social media pointed to Palm Coast’s dilapidated Holland Park splash pad and Moody Blvd’s pedestrian bridge as areas whose funding could’ve been put toward the skate park. The splash pad is Palm Coast’s amenity and their financial commitment (pending an ongoing court case), and the pedestrian bridge is a county initiative funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. The skate park is a county amenity that runs on the county’s dime.

In the months since the skate park fell into disrepair, a movement began online to rally for a total rebuild. A petition was started on Change.org titled 'To build a skatepark'. Last week as of the park's closure, it had amassed 720 signatures. It now has 2,171. A Facebook and Instagram account has been set up for the movement, called 'Help Rebuild the Flagler Skatepark'.

Even as determined as organizers were for a total rebuild, there's still gratitude for the work that's been done. "I have to give a lot of credit to Andy Dance and Leann Pennington for how fast they got these repairs done," the page posted on Thursday. "The goal was to have the park back open for skaters by Friday. It’s Wednesday and it’s safe and back open."