Woman Chokes Victim, Hits Victim With Car


Daytona Beach, FL - A Daytona Beach woman is facing a slew of charges after they choked a victim and hit them with a car.

A report from the Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD) says 20-year-old Latiria Lewis-Hartline was in an argument with the victim at their apartment back on the morning of December 21st when the verbal altercation turned physical. According to the report, Latiria began to choke the victim and held them against the wall before pushing them to the floor. After choking the victim, Latiria left the home.

At that point, the victim tried to call 911, but was interrupted when Latiria returned. The victim tried to leave the home, but was stopped when Latiria came up behind them and began to choke her again. While she was being choked, the victim received a call from 911 dispatchers, which she was able to put on speakerphone. When Latiria realized that she was on speakerphone, she took the victim's phone and left again.

Officers soon arrived and began to investigate the incident. After speaking with police, the victim said she will wait at the apartment's leasing office for someone to come pick her up.

However, almost two hours after the initial incident, police were called by an employee in the leasing office who said the victim was hit by a car driven by Latiria. The victim told police that Latiria came back and parked at the leasing office. That's when the victim walked over to Latiria and demanded that she give the car back.

At some point, Latiria pulled out of the parking spot and began to drive south towards the exit of the complex. Per the report from DBPD, the victim began to walk towards the exit as well, but was standing in the lane that vehicles use to enter the complex. Latiria then turned the vehicle to the left and stuck the victim with the passenger side of the car, which sent the victim to the ground, scraping both of her knees. After hitting the victim, Latiria left the complex again.

The following day (December 22nd), a judge signed three separate warrants for Latiria's arrest—two came from Volusia County while the third came from Flagler.

Latiria was arrested on Tuesday (January 5th) and currently remains in custody. She is facing multiple charges including domestic battery by stangulation, tampering with a witness, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.


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