Woman Throws Bucket Of Feces On Landlord


Osteen, FL - A 59-year-old woman faces charges for assault on a person over 65-years-old after she threw a bucket of feces in her face.

Deputies met with Joanne Mercader around 5 p.m. on Saturday (January 4th). She told law enforcement that she was attacked by her landlord. According to her narrative, her landlord entered her trailer after repeatedly knocking. Mercader claims that once inside, her landlord threw a bucket of human waste on her as a method of eviction. She also said she doesn't know how the landlord got covered in waste.

But, deputies say that Mercader then changed her story, saying that she blocked the bucket causing all of its contents to get on the landlord instead. The landlord then chased her inside and smeared waste on her face in retaliation. Mercader then advised that she was able to get away and run across to a neighbor's house until law enforcement arrived.

When law enforcement observed Mercader, they saw what appeared to be dried feces on her face. But, the landlord seemed to have been completely covered in waste, which was not dry at the time. Deputies allowed her to shower before they continued.

Deputies also asked Mercader to fill out a sworn statement and advised her she needed to tell the truth. That's when she admitted to throwing the bucket of feces on her landlord as soon as she entered the residence. She claimed that she meant to use a bucket of water but instead got two different buckets confused. After throwing the bucket, Mercader said she went to the bathroom knowing that she would be angry and that's when she got the waste smeared on her face.

According to the narrative from the landlord, she was knocking on the door to check on broken items in the home, which she claimed she had arranged to do with Mercader. When she got no answer at the door, she opened it up and was met with the full bucket of waste. The landlord also said she could hear Joanne on the phone with dispatch advising that she attacked Mercader.

The landlord told deputies she wanted to pursue charges.

Other residents in the area said they saw the landlord knock at the door and get no answer, then observed her get hit with an unknown substance.

Mercader was charged with battery on a person over 65. Jail records show she is no longer in custody.


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