5 tips to take the stress out of moving to college


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Heading off to college is a major life milestone and an exciting first step toward adulthood. But as anyone who has already started this college process can attest to, a lot goes into preparing for that move. In addition to shopping for standard school supplies like backpacks, laptops and more, there’s also a new dorm room or apartment to outfit. Plus, there’s the added emotional stress of leaving home and starting a new journey, not to mention parents adjusting to an empty nest. Without some upfront planning, this important transitional period can dissolve into a stressful, hectic rush.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips for taking the stress out of prepping for the big move.

Tip 1: Create a budget

Tuition and housing expenses are only the beginning. There are books, meals, school supplies, transportation costs, and of course, all of the new supplies needed for the dorm like twin XL bedding, storage, and more. It’s important to take all of these into account, set a budget that works for you, and agree to stick to it. One way to get more bang for your buck is to consider enrolling in free loyalty or rewards programs to take advantage of special promotions, instant pricing discounts and more. With a free Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Program membership, for example, customers earn 2% back in rewards in store and online on supplies, furniture, technology and more.

Tip 2: Make a college checklist

Preparing well in advance puts you ahead of the game so that you don’t get caught in a last-minute scramble. Creating a clear checklist with everything you need will help guide your shopping process. Not sure what to add to your list? Office Depot OfficeMax has you covered. Browse their College Supplies section online for a huge selection of backpacks, tech, supplies, and more to get you ready for college. Plus, Office Depot OfficeMax has partnered with Dormify, the college experts, this back to school season to expand their dorm decor selection to make sure incoming college students can find everything they need (and want) for their college dorms in one place.

Tip 3: Know what to bring and what to leave at home

When making your list for dorm supplies, check with your college or dorm management to find out what items will be available to you and what you’re allowed — or not allowed — to bring. Do you need to bring your own desk? What about extras like a microwave or mini fridge? What’s the policy about TVs in your dorm room? By getting these questions answered before you shop, you can stick to your list so that you’re only buying what you need and stay on budget.

Tip 4: Make it a fun, bonding experience

This isn’t just any old shopping trip! Turn college shopping into a bonding experience for parents and college-bound students to do together! Parents can handle the essentials like computers, backpacks, tech supplies, and books. Incoming college students can be in charge of customizing their dorm room and personalizing their new space to feel like home. Select Office Depot OfficeMax stores now have stylish Dormify bedding, furniture, and decor that is specifically designed for small spaces like dorm rooms or off campus apartments. Browse an expanded product assortment on officedepot.com or find a store near you. From essentials like twin XL bedding and shower totes (trust us, you’ll need one for your new bathroom) to trending decor and smart storage solutions, you can find everything you need to create a comfortable and productive space. Planning and shopping together as you prepare for this next chapter is the perfect way to bond, create memories, and feel excited (not stressed!) about what’s next.

Tip 5: Find ways to simplify your move

Whether you’re going across the country or across town, moving into college is always a hassle, but now there are few hacks to make it easier. Instead of packing your car to the brim for a long drive or sorting through hectic shipping logistics, buy your items from Office Depot OfficeMax and have them shipped directly to the Office Depot store closest to your college campus where you can easily pick everything up on move-in day. Plus, if you forget anything on your initial order, you can take advantage of Office Depot’s 20-minute in-store and curbside pick-up and same day-delivery services.

Going off to college is a monumental time of transition for a student and their parents. In addition to everything needed for success at school, emotions are swirling. Planning ahead, setting a budget, creating a checklist, and making pick-up and shipping as convenient as possible will help reduce stress and make move-in day a breeze so you can focus on what really matters: celebrating this achievement together.